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Demo Package Submissions

It takes lots of time and patience to listen to and critique all the demos packages we receive. Even if we feel that your demo is not what is currently being requested by record companies, we will return a copy of a detailed critique form, at your request. So do not dismay, what may not be needed today, may just as well be in demand tomorrow.

Demo/Promo packages should include:

Professional Demo - (3 song maximum)
Will accept good quality home demos
Biography - (1 page maximum)
2 Professional Photos (1 head shot and 1 full body shot - must be no larger than an 8x10, no smaller than a 5x7)
Include real name, stage name (alias), age, address and contact information
All Demos should be original, copywritten material*

*Use of Sample Material should have the proper clearance.

Showcasing Only Option - (1-year showcasing)
Contact for pricing 727-519-5165

Follow the same directions for submitting demo packages (see Initial Demo Package Submission) and then wait for your material to be reviewed. The review process and set-up usually takes 3- 7 business days. Once we have reviewed your material, we will send you an email, prompting you to pay the $39.95 Showcasing Only fees.*

All artist are not guaranteed accepted on the website so, it is important that you wait for your approval email before submitting your showcasing only payment!!

  Representation and Showcasing –
(contact for pricing)
  If you are an artist seeking representation, you must first follow the directions for Initial Demo Submissions. Because you are interested in being represented, we will analyze and critique your material more closely than others. Once your submission is reviewed, and we feel that your material is marketable and is what the Record Companies are currently looking for, an A&R representative will contact you within 4 weeks to discuss all requirements for representation. Once contracted with us, you will be given the opportunity to have your material showcased on the website, for 12 months, free of charge.  
Critique and Review

The critique and review process usually take 7-14 business days. If you would like to have your critique form returned to you, regardless of the outcome, please include a self-addressed envelope with proper postage.

All artists are not guaranteed representation, nor acceptance to the site*


Additional Services



Biography Writing **
Music Tracks **
Legal Assistance with contract and copy writing paperwork**

**Contact for pricing.

Make check or money orders payable to:
Tiger Bailey Music
P.O. Box 35224
St. Petersburg, FL 33705
- There is a $30.00 fee for all returned checks.

*All questions should be forwarded to: Tiger


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